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Floor Representatives

Each floor on campus has an opportunity to voice their opinions about their residential experience through their floor representative(s). If you are interested in becoming a floor representative, reach out to your RA or CA.

What does a Floor Representative do?

  • Solicit feedback from the floor related to hall/on-campus living
  • Provides ideas and support for Leadership Association/Diversity Coalition events and initiatives
  • Communicates information about events to floor members
    • Share information and advertise upcoming events on their floor.
  • Develop a relationship with RA/CA to ensure communication flows within the community
  • Attend General Assembly meetings and voice concerns/opinions and give feedback
  • Serve as a voting member of the General Assembly
  • Collaborate with the RA/CAs and executive board members to promote a feeling of pride and foster community on the floor and in the hall
  • Attend at least 1 ARH meeting per semester