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Position Descriptions

Each Executive Board position is responsible for the following:

  • Attending bi-weekly General Assembly meetings on Thursday nights at 5:30 p.m.
  • Attending weekly Executive Board meetings
  • Serving weekly office hours in the ARH office located in Vrooman 101
  • Meeting one-on-ones with the advisor(s) monthly.
  • Attending and promoting all ARH-sponsored events

For further information about ARH Executive Board position responsibilities, please refer to our Constitution and By-Laws.


Serves as the leader of ARH. Serves 6 office hours a week.

Vice President

Provides support to the Presidents and aides in the development of ARH. Also assists with Move-In and organizing Curb Birds. Serves 6 office hours a week.

Director of Administrative Affairs

Shall be responsible for keeping accurate records of the organization in terms of involvement and finances; serves 4 office hours a week.

Director of Community Engagement

Plans, executes, and evaluates educational, social, and passive programs for residence hall students monthly along with annual ARH programs; serves 4 office hours a week .

Director of Marketing

Shall be responsible for creating and designing all fliers and advertisements for ARH events as well as publicize ARH events and involvement opportunities through social media; serves 4 office hours a week.

National Communications Coordinator

Serves as the contact person for affiliate organizations at the state, regional, and national level and organizes conference delegations; serves 4 office hours a week.

RA/CA Liaison

Must be an RA or CA; responsible for maintaining contact with all RA and CA's on a consistent basis; serves 4 office hours a week.